Beauty with a conscience

1st July 2011


Get that feel-good style and take a natural approach to looking and feeling great!

It’s no wonder that more and more women are turning towards natural and organic skin care and makeup products to full fill their beauty needs.

Red carpet regulars Rachel Weisz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore are just some of the Hollywood celebs who favour organic cosmetics to keep their skin looking radiant.

We all want to look beautiful, and now it’s easy to create high-fashion looks without compromising your health to do it. There are heaps of chic, eco-friendly brands now available offering gorgeous colours and silky textures which enable you to create looks as stylish and sophisticated as those achieved with traditional cosmetics.

Nature has created an abundance of breathtaking colours, and there are few things in life as varied as the pallet of colour on Earth. So whatever your mood, hippie chick, fashionista, hard-charging professional – you can too can create a great look that is both sexy and fun.

The benefits of going green – Nutrition for a radiantly beautiful complexion throughout the day.

1.Organic cosmetics are a lot better for your health, gentle on sensitive skin and on the health of the environment. Changing to a natural makeup containing natures own nourishing herbs and plant oils will free you from some of those harsh, synthetic chemicals and general nasty stuff that mainstream cosmetics companies put in their products. Leaving you with a beautiful healthy finish that is also cruelty free.

2.Packed with vitamins, essential oils, and natural minerals, they are rich in antioxidant to provide your skin with an anti-inflammatory effect to help even out skin tone allowing your skin to breathe, they will not clog your pores, cause breakouts or allergies.

3.Skin – Organic Foundations will contain ingredients like chamomile, rose absolute or jojoba oil to provide your skin with a full coverage finish. To achieve a glowing effect, choose products that contain natural illuminators called micas as these will reflect light and reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

4.Eyes – Toxic chemicals such as mineral oil, petroleum, chemical colourings, or aluminium are often found in eye makeup. Organic brands use soothing ingredients such as Chamomile and Vitamins C, E and A. which are excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

5.Lashes – Mascara is really a beauty essential that every women should have, but continuous use of chemical mascaras may cause the eye lashes to become brittle. Organic based mascaras on the other hand will contain ingredients such as nettle, buckthorn and horsetail herb to nourish and condition the lashes to build a full dramatic look.

6.Lipstick – Most of us wear makeup every day, and the ingredients from each application can be absorbed into our skin. It is important to find a lipstick that is good enough to eat. Look for an organic lipstick with a castor oil base combined with soothing safflower beeswax and vitamin E for antioxidant and nourishing properties for smooth lips.

Tip: When switching to eco-friendly cosmetics, be sure to make an informed choice by checking the ingredient labels.

Shelf life: Organic cosmetics lack the preservatives that will outlast even you, this means that the shelf life of your organic makeup may be shorter than a more conventional one, and you may need to replace your organic products more often.

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