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1st June 2011


Wether you are hitting the beach, taking a cruise or just lounging poolside this summer, then how you look will be uppermost in your mind. As we get older we need to work just that little bit harder to achieve a radiant glow.

While you may want to camouflage signs of ageing, full-coverage foundation is not the way to go, Ideally, your makeup should allow your natural skin to shine through.

Our golden Hollywood girls, Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench continue to channel maturity with such grace, and you can too!

By updating your regular make-up routine with these simple make-up tips, you can ensue that you still look nifty after fifty. . .  to infinity, and even beyond!

1.Look out for products that give you a dewy, moisturised complexion. Always prep with a moisturiser or choose a Primer that will minimise the appearance of fine lines and open or enlarged pores. Opt for an illuminating primer for your cheeks, forehead and the bridge of your nose. It’s youthful to have a little sheen!

2.If a product makes your skin look drier or more wrinkled, it’s not the right one for you. Always test foundation on your face before you buy, it can look great on the back of your hand but the texture and colour of your face are totally different. Only apply it where you need help, And on the days when you don’t want to wear too much make-up, opt for a sheer tinted moisturiser, you can always tackle capillaries or pigmentation with a concealer.

3.Blush is a brilliant way to lift the face, but too much colour, worn too low, can drag features southwards. Cheeks should be blushed with soft apricot, peach and rosy hues. To give a youthful appearance apply high on the cheekbone, above the apple, This also has the effect of brightening the eye area and will make your face look fresh and radiant.

4.Eyes appear to shrink as we get older and can become hooded with time. As you notice lines appearing around your eyes, stick to colours that are more sober and softer, while all together avoiding metallic and frosted makeup. Eyeliner is low-maintenance and high impact, making the eyes look full and wide open. Opt for a soft powder eyeliner and apply very close to and into the lash-line to give your eyes definition, but avoid very harsh colours.

5.Never skip curling your lashes. This allows more light to get to your eyes, making them look brighter and less droopy. If you have incredibly straight lashes and just can’t get a lift to hold when using eyelash curlers, an alternative solution could be the new eyelash perming procedure called LVL which incorporates dyeing the lashes too, fabulous for all year round.

6.Fill in sparse brows to make them more defined, it sets off your eyes, creating the illusion of lifting by drawing attention up instead of down. Don’t make your eyebrows too dark and don’t over-define them, the lighter and softer the better, switch to an ash brown, mink or grey.

7. Lips become thinner and drier with age. Dark lip liner and matte lipstick draw attention to the fine lines around your mouth. Choose a nourishing hydrating lip stick with a satiny finish or try a non-drying lip-gloss as gloss that will make the lips look fuller. Use a lip base or apply a nude/lip coloured lip pencil, this will stop the lip colour from feathering and help it stay on longer.

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